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The rapidly aging population and urbanization trends have triggered an increase in the global incidence of cancer. EnhancedBio Inc. was established to provide hope to cancer patients by novel gene therapy and nanomedicine pipelines.

Our first gene therapy pipeline is 'HPV siRNA therapeutics' treating various cancers caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection. HPVs are small DNA viruses; some oncogenic ones can cause different types of cancer, namely cervical cancer, head & neck cancer, oral cancer, anal cancer, genital cancer and lung cancer.
HPV-associated carcinogenesis provides a classical model system for RNA interference (RNAi) based cancer therapies, because the viral oncogenes cause cervical cancer are expressed only in cancerous cells. Previous studies on the development of therapeutic RNAi facilitated the advancement of therapeutic siRNAs and demonstrated its versatility by siRNA-mediated depletion of single or multiple cellular/viral targets. Sequence-specific gene silencing using RNAi shows promise as a novel therapeutic approach for the treatment of a variety of diseases that currently lack effective treatments. During the last several years, we have validated our final candidate of its efficacy in vitro and in vivo, for its potential off-target effects, and of the design of conventional therapies to be used in combination with siRNAs and their drug delivery vehicles. The pipeline was developed to solve unmet medical needs in cervical cancer and head & neck cancer treatment and the final HPV siRNA candidate will enter into phase 1 clinical trial by the end of 2019. Another gene therapy pipelines for the novel onco-targets including cFLIP and EBV gene are under development.

The next R&D theme is to develop nanomedicine based on human immunocyte derived exosome-mimetic nanovesicles, which safely and effectively delivers cytotoxic anti-cancer agents to tumor endothelial cells. We believe that the platform is the most advanced drug delivery system in its class. Now we establish the encapsulation and stabilization process of some of cytotoxic agents to exosome-mimetic nanovesicles. Once the process is validated, we will carried out efficacy and toxicity study for the final drug formulations.

We have continued to build a strong patent portfolio by accumulating valuable intellectual property for the pipelines, which is essential in the creative economy. The company has built an IP infrastructure based on our portfolio, encompassing technology valuation, evergreening and patent dispute prevention strategies.

EnhancedBio will constantly strive to develop novel gene therapies that are well recognized in the global pharmaceutical market and will succeed in licensing-out international patents in near future. We will also continue to further strengthen our R&D capabilities as a global leader. We sincerely look forward to your continued interest and encouragement to Enhancedbio Inc.

Thank you.