Small-molecule targeting SERTA domain-containing
protein 1 (SERTAD1) for colorectal cancer


EnhancedBio is developing Corpitenib, an oral therapeutic that targets a novel SERTA domain-containing protein (Sertad1) for the unmet needs of treatment options in the management of colorectal cancer.
Overexpression of Sertad1 (oncoprotein) is associated with poor prognosis and short overall survival of colorectal cancer patients.
Sertad1 plays an important role in cell cycle progression, and the Sertad1 gene is highly expressed in pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer and breast cancer. Integrated bioinformatics analysis also reveals Sertad1 may be used as a prognostic biomarker for the assessment of various cancers patient outcomes.
The potential anticancer mechanisms of Corpitenib are inhibition of cell division, cell senescence, and apoptosis via PTEN-PI3K-AKT, MAPK, and p53 signaling pathways.
In addition, combined therapeutic efficacy was observed when co-administering with other anticancer therapies such as 5-FU (5-Fluorouracil), Cisplatin, PI3K, or MEK inhibitors.
Corpitenib not only effectively treats colorectal cancer but also overcomes resistance to existing anticancer drugs.
Currently, the candidate drug (Corpitenib) has been identified and is in the evaluation of preclinical proof-of-concept studies and advancing to clinical phase in 2023.