LNP for mRNA based vaccine, siRNA therapeutics,
Therapeutic protein replacement, Genome editing and Cell engineering

EN Lipid Nano Particle for mRNA & RNA therapeutics

Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs) are the most clinically advanced non-viral gene delivery system. It safely and effectively delivers nucleic acids, overcoming a major barrier preventing the development and use of genetic medicines.

Lipid nanoparticles offer many advantages over previous lipid-based nucleic acid delivery systems including:
  • High nucleic acid encapsulation efficiency and potent transfection
  • Improved penetration into tissues to deliver therapeutics
  • Low cytotoxicity and immunogenicity

EN-LNP: Structure

EN-LNP: Structure

Ionizable Cationic Lipid (246C10)
  • High Encapsulation efficiency
  • LNP structure and stabilization
  • Nucleic acid Encapsulation
  • Endosomal disruption
  • Responsible for payload release
Nucleic acid
  • DNA, mRNA, small RNA etc.
  • Mimics LDL -> Uptake
  • LNP stabilization
  • Helper lipid
  • Stabilize in systemic circulation
  • LNP protection (Shield (stealth) effect)
  • from nonspecific endocytosis by immune cells
  • reduces LNP aggregation and shields the LNP
Electron microscope image of EN-LNPs
  • M.Kim et al., Engineered ionizable lipid nanoparticles for targeted delivery of RNA therapeutics into different types of cells in the liver. Sci. Adv. 7 eabf4398 (2021).