siRNA drug targeting
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) mediated cancers


(LNP abased-HPV siRNA drug)

EnhancedBio has established the unique RNAi’s drug development platform. It identifies the potent siRNAs that target and silence key genes in a sequence-specific manner, especially against undruggable targets for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

EnhancedBio also has extensive experience in finding potent siRNAs with improved qualities such as low off-target effects, serum stability, immuno-stimulation and targeted delivery.

[Lipid nanoparticles (LNP) based-HPV siRNA drug] for the treatment of HPV infection/ HPV-mediated cancers

Human papillomavirus (HPVs) are circular, double-stranded DNA viruses, which are known for the development of cervical, oropharyngeal, anal, vulvovaginal, and penile cancers. HPV-associated carcinogenesis provides a classical model system for RNA interference (RNAi) based cancer therapies, because the viral oncogenes causes cancers expressed only in cancerous cells.

  • Cavisiran (LNP based-HPV siRNA drug) demonstrates a novel therapeutic approach for combined HPV-E6/E7 oncogene silencing and apoptosis induction via restoration of TP53/ Rb tumor suppressor gene function.
  • Cavisiran maximizes its therapeutic effectiveness by combining prescription with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • EnhancedBio has confirmed the in vitro and in vivo efficacy of the final siRNA candidate for its potential off-target effects. It is designed to be used in combination with the concurrent chemoradiotherapy.